Anything that stays in water will over time develop growth. On the bottom of your boat this is an area of serious concern as it creates drag, reducing speed and increasing fuel consumption.


Antifouling prevents this happening and should be applied annually. There are many different products out there depending on the type of craft and colour choice.

Hull and deck polishing

Over time the sun oxidises the gelcoat and paint on your boat making it milky and dull. Polishing uses micro-abrasives to remove this oxidised layer and restore a shine to your vessel. Even the most faded of boats can be brought back to an amazing shine with the right products.

A polished surface should always be treated with a wax containing UV barriers to slow down the sun damage.


Whether you want a regular scheduled clean to keep your boat always clean or you’ve left it all winter and it’s covered in green growth and rust marks, we can take care of you.

Washing includes a full shampoo of all surfaces including all external unlocked lockers and non slip decking. Followed by a chamois dry and window polish.

Strips, names, decals

Adhesive vinyl fades in the sun as well as being relatively easily damaged by abrasion. This can cause your vinyl to become very tired looking or perhaps you just fancy a change of colours, style or name change.

We only use vinyl that is guaranteed colour stable for 10 years to update and renew your boat in a wide range of colours.

Boat seat and cushion cleaning

Vinyl based boat cushions tend to be an area of high traffic causing them to get dirty from food, suncream, oil etc. Bright n Clean can restore them to a fresh clean appearance.

Teak renovation

A very contentious topic between boat owners. Grey, golden, sealed, oiled? Everyone has there own preference of how they want there teak to look and how it should be maintained. The only thing that can be agreed upon is that it shouldn’t be green. Whatever your preference we have the right combination of products and methods to maintain your teak.

Stern gear cleaning / drive antifoul

The propulsion equipment on your craft will scale up and get covered in barnacles over time reducing efficiency. To combat this either acid or mechanical methods can be employed to remove this fouling making your propellers glide through the water rather than creating turbulence.

Drives are much the same and also need cleaning and coating with a specialist antifoul to prevent future growth.

Anode replacement

All metal submerged in seawater is going to suffer from corrosion. Anodes prevent this from happening via cathodic protection and thus save large repair bills to your stern gear, drives, bow thrusters and other metal components.

Anodes should be inspected annually and replaced if necessary, usually at the same time as antifouling.

Carpet cleaning

Using a wet extraction machine and specialist carpet cleaning solution, dirt and grime can be easily lifted from your carpets.

Interior cleaning

A quick dust of the surfaces to a full deep clean inside all the cupboards and stowage areas and bilges. Whatever you require we can tailor-make a service to match your needs.